Exhibition at Suzhou Museum

Founded in 1960, the Suzhou Museum is a creation of Pritzker Prize-winning Chinese-American architect I.M. Pei. The famous architect has numerous other major creation under his name (National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado, the John F. Kennedy Library in Massachusetts, The glass-and-steel pyramid of the Musée du Louvre in Paris), I.M. PEI has also signed, in 1958, the creation of downtown Montreal’s Place Ville Marie, which was completed in 1962.

The modern addition of Suzhou Museum attached to the initial traditional building has been inaugurated on October 6th 2006. One of the most specific characteristics of this beautiful institution is the combination of indoor and outdoor spaces. The organics elements placed in the amazing gardens can easily be considerate has a piece of art them self.

The Suzhou Museum has a display area of 2,200 square meters (approximately 23 000 square feet). IMMORTALIS exhibition by Dominic Besner is presented in Hall A, B and C of the new construction. A beautiful garden view as well as a natural lightning complement Besner’s exhibition of 17 large original paintings.

In order to leave a part of his body of work in the beautiful city of Suzhou, the artwork entitled « À l’ombre des roseaux-lyres » will now be part of permanent collection of Suzhou Museum besides over 15,000 other important pieces of art.

The Official Opening Reception of IMMORTALIS has been done on November 1st 2013. The artist as well as more than 150 prestigious guess has participated to this exclusive and festive celebration. Among those special guess, emphasize the presence of Canadian General Consul Mr. Rick Savone, Political and Public Affairs Officer from the Consulate general of Canada, Mrs. Vivian Zhao, Deputy Mayor Wang Hong Sheng, Suzhou Municipal Deputy General Secretary Ms. Lu Junxiu, Vice director of Cultural Exchange Department of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Mr. Duan Beisheng, Vice President of China International Cultural Exchange Association Mr. Dong Junxin, Suzhou Museum’s Director Mr. Chen Ruijin and Director of
 QuArt China Mrs. Siwei Zhang.

The following text composed by the artist introduce the visitors to the artist’s interior world of creation,


In a far away forgotten time, lived the Immortalis. During thousands of centuries, they had been oblivious to time. Mortalia, empress of Gaur reined over the empire. At dark, with a simple hand gesture, she would bring darkness and push away daylight praising the winds that has whispered to her ear that the shadows were screaming. But when darkness arrived, despite all the storms, it conquered Eden with a smell of carrion which annihilated all form of life.
The best ruled over the Orient, and in this way, the Pact of Lyr had been broken.
A few centuries went by and the beast returned to its land, pushed by its own instinct. The gongs once again resonated over the Empire of the Orient. The winds rose and as such brought about monsoons and typhoons. They recovered their liberty and would lose themselves in the depth of the abysses. Mortalia was once again filled with happiness. She bore inside her the fruit of awakening.

The 28th day arrived. The Empress of Gaur tipped darkness over and upon the pedestal of Puy, set down, once more, the Pact of Lyr. She opened the horizons and a smell of jasmine escaped.
From the land, darkness let out a scream.

Some time ago, before we even named the first glimpse of light dawn, a small city existed—so small that only one person and one creature could inhabit it. One night, someone entered and left the gates open. The man and the creature made their way to the opening and got lost in the vastness of nowhere. As such, legends appeared through the Great Door. Like the seeds of rice cultivated to maturity, they were blown away to new territories and got lost in the meanders of humans’ souls. They sprout up and flourished. In turn, they multiplied and grew to extend the limits of reality.

I imagined myself to be this little seed of rice, blown against the wind as if I could be carried as far away as possible. Let my unconscious guide my consciousness, to feed the murmurs of another time. At that time, I let myself flow by Thought’s genesis and lost myself amidst the agitated sea.

– Besner

The exhibition IMMORTALIS opens on November 1st 2013 at the Suzhou Museum and runs through December 20th 2013. The Museum is located at the heart of the charming city of Suzhou—just west of Shanghai in Jiangsu province, China