Shortened version of resume




2011 Initiation to engraving, Atelier Circulaire of Montreal (Canada)

1992 Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Montreal (Canada)

1988 Diploma in Architectural Techniques from Algonquin College, Ottawa (Canada)


Mixed media on canvas (oil pastel, oil stick, acrylic, modeling paste, china marker and spray paint)

Individual Exhibits

2019 Orus Copus, Iris Gallery, Baie St-Paul (Canada)

2017 MX Gallery, the Ivory Madonnas, Montréal (Canada)

2016 Galerie Iris, Les immortels de Bois, Baie St-Paul (Canada)

2015 SO ART GALLERY, Les branches d’Ovane, Casablanca (Maroc)

2015 MX Gallery, La singulière nature humaine, Montréal (Canada)

2013 HUMANI EX MACHINA, Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto (Canada)

2013 MX Gallery, Preview of Immortalis in Montreal, Montreal (Canada)

2012 The Light Side of the Moon, Las Olas Fine Arts, Fort Lauderdale (USA)

2012 25th anniversary of Iris, Iris Gallery, Baie-Saint-Paul (Canada)

2011 MORA, MX Gallery, Montréal (Canada) 2010 Hundred words for China, CANART Gallery, Beijing (China)

2010 Hundred words – Made For China, MX Gallery, Montreal (Canada) 2009 La voyageuse du temps, Iris Gallery, Baie-St-Paul (Canada)

2008 Opening Event, Landry-Thompson Gallery, Continuation of International Travelling Exhibit Au Fil de l’Art, Calgary, Alberta (Canada)

2008 Exhibit Au Fil de l’Art, Besner also exhibited the creations of designers from Morocco, Quebec and Ontario, Thompson Landry Gallery, Toronto (Canada)

2007 Au fil de l’Art, Besner accompanied by Haute-couture creations of six Quebec haute-couture fashion designers (Yso, Denis Gagnon, Yves Jean Lacasse, Antonio Ortega, Rush Couture, Andy Thê-Ahn), MX Gallery, Montreal (Canada)

2007 The Banquet of Nacarat, Venise Cadre Gallery, Casablanca (Morocco)

2004 La démesure des convoités, CDP Capital Centre, Montreal (Canada)

2004 La Xe cité révolue, Head Office of the Cirque du Soleil, Montreal (Canada)

2002 Le cri des lunes, Estampe Plus Gallery, Quebec (Canada)

2000 Saint-Dizier Gallery, Montreal (Canada)

2000 Besner in Baie-Saint-Paul, Galerie d’art Iris Art Gallery, Baie-Saint-Paul (Canada)

1998 Coup de théâtre, Estampe Plus Gallery, Quebec (Canada)

1995 Naomi Gallery, Montreal (Canada)