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Strophes d'une poésie

Strophe d’une poésie est une exposition multidisciplinaire invitant le visiteur à s'immerser à la fois dans l’œuvre et l'univers de l’artiste derrière celle-ci. Sans chercher à créer une rétrospective ou une chronologie, "cette installation dynamique permet une lecture qui révèle bien la poésie, la finesse et la profondeur de l’œuvre de Besner" tel que le mentionne le commissaire Martin Bundock. C’est dans un esprit de collégialité tout en cherchant la substance que celui-ci se joint à Dominic Besner et à la Galerie d’art du Centre culturel de l’Université de Sherbrooke afin de présenter une exposition haute en esthétique, thématique engageant à la fois la confrontation et le dialogue entre les œuvres.

Galerie d’art du Centre culturel de l’Université de Sherbrooke - From September 12 to October 20, 2018

The Ivory Madonnas

The event «The Ivory Madonnas» announce the return of Besner in all the flamboyance we have come to expect from him. This corpus is a tribute to his famous character who has followed him and evolved by his side for more than 25 years. To do so, he chooses to share the particular stories of the madonnas who fill his universe. «The exhibit «The Ivory Madonnas» is, for me, an excuse to pay tribute to a long line of characters who have and will leave its mark on Besner’s work. Without them, we would not have known all that followed. The Madonnas are the flesh of my flesh. They are part of my heritage, Mise en scène. Paying tribute 23 years later is my way of saying thanks. Thanks to all those collectors and amateurs, colleagues, agents and friends who have made me and my Gotha their guardian to rise. » «There are traces only if we leave some.» Something I have said not too long ago.

Galerie MX - November 8-19, 2017

Les Immortels de Bois

Dominic Besner exhibition Les Immortels de Bois at Hotel Le Germain Charlevoix. Cocktail Saturday July 9th at 17h with the artist. Honorary presidency of Sophie Thibault.

- July 2016

The Singularity of Human Nature

In view of a new exhibit at the MX Gallery, scheduled for November 2015, Besner began to reflect seriously on the creation of a series that would be designed specifically for the gallery. He has proposed a very personal exhibit entitled “Human Nature in the Singular”. Besner has proposed a series of intimate and personal portraits, dominated by profound and complex shades of grey, which appear to emanate from successive layers of oil based paste. The striking color contrasts, which have almost become the artist’s signature, have been greatly subdued. This may be the result of the new coloring and etching techniques with which Besner has been recently experimenting.

Galerie MX - November 06 to December 1st, 2015

Les branches d'Ovane

SO ART GALLERY - November 2015

Midnight Sun Gallery

Morges, Switzerland

Midnight Sun Gallery - October 1st to November 07, 2015
Group show

The Toronto Internationnal Art Fair 2014

Toronto International Art Fair is Canada’s only modern and contemporary fine art fair, providing unique access to the Canadian art market. An annual fall event, Art Toronto serves as the galvanizing vehicle for the nation’s art world. Considered the country’s must-attend event for art collectors and industry professionals.

Toronto, Canada - October 24th to 27th 2014
Group exhibition

IMMORTALIS at Suzhou Museum


The exhibition IMMORTALIS opens on November 1st at the Suzhou Museum and runs through December 20. The Museum is located at the heart of the charming city of Suzhou—just west of Shanghai in Jiangsu province, China. The Suzhou Museum is the creation of the famous architect Ieoh Ming Pei who signed, in 1958, the blueprints of downtown Montreal’s Place Ville Marie, which was completed in 1962. Read the full text and see the artworks ...

Suzhou Museum, Suzhou - From November 1st to December 20, 2013

Humani ex Machina


This new series, HUMANI EX MACHINA, considers the strange mechanical regulation of our everyday lives. For this series, I lose myself in the flow and nuances of time. In trève des mondes the horizon appears to flirt with the wind that rests upon its hills. Le parfumeur des vents whispers to whomever wishes to be carried away by elegant music. And moo kee is the little monkey within all of us, waiting. Just like time is illusory, everything can be an illusion. In the secret of their intimacy, great visions are born. ‘No man’s land’ is where I hide It is where the creature buries itself where we begin to know each other. Displayed upon billboards, It blamed us for the somber deviations of the soul In the agitated movements of the sea, Great visions are born. The exhibition HUMANI EX MACHINA, presenting twenty-five new works by the artists, opens at Thompson Landry Gallery in Toronto on November 15 and runs until December 3, 2013.

Thompson Landry Gallery - Nov. 14 – Dec. 8, 2013

Transit – Quarterly Art Event

Collaboration with Nicolas Ruel

L’Atelier Nicolas Ruel organizes « Transit », a trimestral event that brings together multi-disciplinary artists to create unique pieces. This event held in September 2013 featured 5 artists, 5 photos, 5 painters, and 5 courses. The event is to collect funds for non-profit organizations. Canadian artist Dominic Besner was one of 5 artists invited to participate in this collaboration.

Montreal - Fall 2013