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In his writings, Dominic Besner does not pretend to play the role of a writer but rather of a guide. From the point of his pen, he encourages readers to discover his world, the imaginary world that inspires his work and each of its securities. “My creations invite people to explore my madness, to discover stories and to tell them to themselves in their own way.” He said to justify his work. 

The three texts illustrate his words and show the undeniable fact that Dominic Besner is a complete artist whose work is not explained, but felt.

Model (by Irena Latek and Allen Knight, full professors at Université de Montréal, 2003)

The work of Dominique Besner seems at its origin to draw on this idea.  It is said that architectural studies constitute a good liberal education. The Urban architecture studies, undertaken by Dominique Besner in 1990 at the School of Architecture of the University of Montreal, obviously constituted an important introduction to his artistic education. His portfolio of architectural projects, created from 1988-1992, clearly show the young architect’s exceptional sensitivity to the metaphorical dimension of architecture and his particular interest in architectural representation.  Dominique is fascinated by urban places and the fact that one can invent their forms and their significations within the representational space of architectural drawing.  Indeed from the start, and with conviction, he seems to share this idea that architecture cannot be reduced to its economic, functional and aesthetic determinants – it is the «art of building» and he conceives of it as also being a place for the contemplation of the human life and environment.  Architecture then takes on the varied forms which contribute to the richness of the city.


Throughout the entire course of his work, Besner’s main artistic concern has been focused on transmitting the vital and physical sources of energy that surround him.  The artist is entirely open to the vibrations of contemporary society which he seeks to remodel in new forms of plasticity, hovering somewhere between the figurative and the abstract.  His aim is not to create an ideal or to reproduce nature, but rather to give form to the energy emanating from the metaphysics of human activity.  The subject of the picture is the record or the memory of a living civilization expressed in a sustainable medium, the work of art.


Besner’s training at Atelier Circulaire led him to study new techniques in engraving and aqua fortis, both to improve his line sketching and to develop a new approach to subject composition.